15 UNREAL Pug Cross Breeds You’ve Got To See To Believe

5) Daug = Dachshund + Pug

The Daug (also sometimes referred as Pugshund) is a cross between the wrinkly, curly-tailed Pug and the tiny sausage dog, Dachshund.

They are very loving and playful dogs. Like other pug cross breeds, the daug tends to be a healthier breed than a pure pug breed.

They inherit more good and less bad from both parents, so you can be happy about a pug-like puppy with a dachshund's temperament or vice versa. They love to be cuddled, are playful, and appearance-wise, look very cute and innocent.

Daug = Dachshund + Pug
Daug 3 = Dachshund + Pug

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