15 UNREAL Pug Cross Breeds You’ve Got To See To Believe

14) Pug Zu = Shih Tzu + Pug

Pug zu is a cross breed dog between the pug and the shih-tzu. The best way to determine the characteristics and temperaments of a pug zu is by looking at both parent breeds; the pug and shih tzu.

As we all know, the pug is a great family dog, and some of their nature include loyal, lively, friendly, people orientated and food motivated. The shih tzu shares some of the pug’s characteristics, however, the breed could develop small dog syndrome, which is very rare in pugs.

A pug zu you get can have any of these characteristics, and are sure to become the perfect choice for all types of families, whether with children or those with small living space.

Pug Zu 3 = Shih Tzu + Pug
Pug Zu 2 = Shih Tzu + Pug

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3,566 thoughts on “15 UNREAL Pug Cross Breeds You’ve Got To See To Believe

  1. Mae Bootsie Bowers Marcil, Pebbles wasn’t bred with the Pug just to create the designer breed puginese. Unfortunately, the person who ran the rescue let Pebbles, who was in heat, run loose in her home as well as the pug who was not fixed either. I adopted her when she was pregnant. She had 6 puppies. It wasn’t about the money for me. I just wanted them in good homes. Only 4 are now living. They are 8-1 /2 years old now and I know who has the pups. They couldn’t be in better homes. So, my puginese puppies were not purposely bred to create the designer breed.

  2. I’m sorry, Barbara Housler, I actually wasn’t pointing accusation at you. I saw where she is a mix of 2 pure breed dogs and it brought back memories of purposely bred puggles. A friend of mine bred a litter, thinking money, no one purchased. It broke her heart,( broke mine that she did this) but she was very careful who she gave the pups to. I applaud you for being so careful as well in homing your pups and adopting your little one altho pregnant. Not many would take on such a responsibility. Person responsible for her care at shelter, hope she/he is more cautious. Your little girl is precious. I have a rescued, formerly abused, Pug. Trust issues remain around strangers, but mellowing out at age 8. Thank you for not explaining in a nasty manner as most would have!

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