Exhausted Mother Snaps A Photo Of Her Burned-Out 7-Year-Old, Then She Wins The Costume Contest

Everyone is quickly falling in love with 7-year-old Lainie, and when you read her story, you will too!

Nicknamed “Little Mama” by her loving family, this little girl has always looked up to her mother Jess. But for anyone who has been a mother, or knows a mom, it’s a well-known fact that after having a few kids, things can get pretty exhausting. Mama Jess has had five over the years!

Being a mother takes a lot of sacrifice, both to your body and to your sleeping schedule, so to honor her hardworking mom, Little Mama decided to dress up as the woman she owes so much to in the most unique costume we’ve ever seen a little kid make for themselves.

Little Lainie figured out how to make a hysterical costume inspired by none other than her dear mother. With a baby climbing up her leg and another baby in her arm, this little girl really showed her creative genius. To make matters even better, she dropped some fake vomit on her shoulder as if one of the young ones spit up all over her.

And to cap the whole thing off, she used some makeup to create huge black circles under her eyes, due to the countless sleepless nights that every mother is familiar with!

When a photo of little Lainie got uploaded to Facebook, no one had the slightest idea that one simple costume would go mega-viral! Check out the rest of the story below!

Supplied by Sam and Jess

Jess and her wonderful husband Sam are really living the American dream. With five beautiful children, this family is about as cute as you can get.

But any parent knows that while having five kids is truly a blessing, it can also wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. It almost always seems like at least one of the kids is sick, or you’re rushing around for soccer practice, or ballet.

Jess probably knows the meaning of the phrase, “a mother’s work is never done”!

Supplied by Sam and Jess

So when it came time to help her little daughter Lainie with her Halloween costume this year, she was probably quite taken aback when her little 7-year-old girl told her that she wanted to be Mom for the creepy holiday!

Facebook / Rachael Fansler Beachy

The idea was all Lainie’s, Mom just helped out with some of the details. Like the huge bags under her eyes and the vomit on her shoulder. It doesn’t get much funnier than this!

While we’re not sure if she won a costume contest at school, she’s the official winner of the LittleThings costume contest for sure!

Facebook / Rachael Fansler Beachy

A family friend posted the photo on Facebook, and it quickly went mega-viral. The photo alone got over 100,000 likes and has been shared over 13,000 times. Truly incredible!

Supplied by Sam and Jess

But amazingly, Lainie doesn’t even like the attention she’s getting. She just wanted to make a cute and silly costume honoring her mom in a funny fashion. Her mom says she’s a soft-spoken and shy little girl.

But it seems she better get used to the fame and come up with an even more hilarious Halloween costume for next year, because this beautiful little girl has a following now!

It’s great to see a young creative person get so much attention for something that’s actually nice and sweet. These days if you watch television, it seems like there’s nothing but bad news, but Lainie inspires everyone to have a bit of fun and be silly this year!

Supplied by Sam and Jess

Through it all, Mama Jess is proud of her daughter. “She is an amazing little girl, always so helpful and kind. She has such a big heart,” she said, and just about everyone else would have to agree.

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