This Stray Cat Falls Into a Lynx’s Enclosure – Then a Zoo-Goer Capture it all on Video

It all began when a homeless calico cat made her way into the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Zoo, according to KFOR. The stray found food in a lynx’s enclosure, and the lynx accepted the cat into her life. Soon enough, they became besties. Watch the video above to see this dynamic duo in action.

A stray cat somehow managed to fall into the lynx’s enclosure at the St. Petersburg zoo. Zoo-goers witnessed the whole thing and worried as the lynx approached the frightened cat.

Most observers thought the lynx would draw its claws and teeth and rip the poor kitty to shreds. But fortunately, the meeting between the two cats took a much different turn.

A photographer happened to be there and managed to capture the surprising meeting on tape. See the unexpectedly heartwarming footage here:

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