Mom’s Husband Sends Flowers, Then She Looks At Tag And Sees They Aren’t For Her

This past week, one hilarious family had the whole internet in tears of laughter after a beautiful flower arrangement arrived at their door — addressed to the dog.

The Cardone family went viral after mom Debbie Cardone opened the door and found a bouquet delivery from her husband. Understandably, she thought the flowers were for her.

However, she quickly realized her husband had a different sweetheart in mind. The arrangement was addressed to Sebastian, the Cardones’ 10-year-old bulldog.

Fortunately, Debbie has a great sense of humor. Like the mom who embraced her daughter’s “exhausted mom” costume, Debbie just rolled with the joke. She even posted it to Facebook, cracking up her friends in the process!

But the story didn’t really get going until the Cardones’ teenage daughter took to Twitter.

Lily Cardone used the social media platform to share what really happened when Sebastian the bulldog’s special flower arrangement arrived at the door.

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Thumbnail Photo: Flickr

Twitter / Lily Cardone

College student Lily Cardone accidentally made her dog a superstar this past week when she took to Twitter to share a funny story about her parents, a flower delivery, and the family’s 10-year-old pooch, Sebastian.

“My dad sent flowers to my house today, and my mom thought they were for her,” she wrote on Twitter. “THINK AGAIN.”

The tweet took off in a big way, and has already been favorited and retweeted thousands of times!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Mom Debbie Cardone started the conversation off when she took to Facebook and posted some pictures of a beautiful flower arrangement.

The flowers were sent by her husband, so it would be easy to assume they were meant for his wife. That’s certainly what Debbie thought… at first.

“So flowers were delivered today,” she wrote on Facebook. “My husband is very good about sending random flowers to me. I thought ‘oh isn’t that nice!’…then I read the card…”

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Debbie checked the flowers all over for her name or a message from her husband, who works overseas for long stretches of time, according to the Dodo.

Twitter / Lily Cardone

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