“One of a kind” shelter cat named Nanny McPhee was born with two noses

“One of a kind” shelter cat named Nanny McPhee was born with two noses

Some animals are born with unique and unusual features, but that just makes them more special.

Like one “one of a kind” shelter cat, who was discovered to have an unusual feature no one had ever seen before: she has two noses!

Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre recently took in a homeless, four-year-old black-and-white moggy. They quickly noticed she had an unusually large nose — but a visit to the vet revealed that she actually had two noses, the result of a genetic abnormality.

Courtesy of Cats Protection

Despite the cat’s unusual appearance, she’s no different than any other cat and the double snout causes her no medical problems.

“This is a real rarity and, thankfully, it isn’t causing her any problems at all,” said Senior Field Veterinary Officer Fiona Brockbank. “A cat with two noses is a first for us in the Field Vet team.”

Though they had never seen anything quite like this, Brockbank explained that congenital malformations in that area are not uncommon in cats, and can be inherited or caused by an incident while developing in the uterus. All cats at Cats Protection are neutered, so there is no risk of her passing on any genetic defects.

The staff named the cat “Nanny McPhee,” fittingly after a children’s character with a large and warty nose.

“We have all fallen in love with our one-of-a-kind Nanny McPhee. We can’t stop looking at her two noses!” said Centre Manager Lindsay Kerr.

Courtesy of Cats Protection

They put Nanny McPhee up for adoption, and hoped adopters would find her unique nose as adorable as they did.

“She has proven to be a gentle lady who adores a fuss and a cuddle and we are hopeful her new-found fame will mean she will have no shortage of potential adopters. She really does deserve a home where she can settle down and become the centre of a loving family.” 

Thankfully, it seems like this unique cat will soon have a happy ending: a spokesperson for the shelter told We Love Animals that Nanny McPhee has been reserved, and “will be going to her new home very soon.”

Courtesy of Cats Protection

Nanny McPhee is one beautiful and unique cat — we’ve definitely never seen a cat with two noses before! We’re so glad she will soon have a loving new home!

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