Little-Known Facts About Robin Williams’ Legendary Life And Career

26. Robin and longtime friend Billy Crystal happened to be in the same building during the filming process for an episode of Friends. The two comedians were invited on set, where they improvised an entire opening scene.


27. Over the course of his career, Robin had many blockbuster hits in theaters. Jumanji and The Birdcage were two of his most successful films, each earning over $100 million in the same week.


28. Sometimes the earned pay in Hollywood doesn’t seem to make too much sense. Robin only received $75,000 dollars for his work in the Disney movie Aladdin, but he received $20 million for Bicentennial Man, a movie considered by many to be a huge flop.


29. During the filming of Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin wanted to test out the prosthetics, makeup, and costumes of the titular character to see if she was believable as a “real” woman. So he went to a sex shop and asked the clerk some very intimate questions about certain products. Eventually, they realized who he was!


30. Even though Robin did not support the war in Iraq, he would frequently fly abroad to entertain the troops. He knew that the life they led overseas was in need of some laughter, just like everyone else’s.


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