Little-Known Facts About Robin Williams’ Legendary Life And Career

6. While attending Juilliard, Robin became very close friends with Christopher Reeve, the actor who played the original Superman. As Robin recalled, Reeve would share his food with him when he was broke and scrounging for money.


7. Of all the impressions that Robin could perform, his favorite of all time was Jack Nicholson. Interestingly enough, Robin claimed that the comedian Dana Carvey could, in fact, do the best impression of Robin himself.


8. In one interview at the start of his blossoming career, Robin told a reporter he was born in Scotland, which wasn’t true at all. He later admitted he may have been slightly intoxicated, and changed his answer to Chicago.

9. Robin’s first big break into the limelight was when he made an appearance on the show Happy Days in 1978. He was cast as an alien from another planet, named Mork. The character was the inspiration for the hit spin-off, Mork and Mindy.


10. The day Robin auditioned for the role of Mork, he did something very unusual for the casting directors. When they asked him to come in and sit, he decided to do a headstand. He was immediately hired for the absurdity.


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