Little-Known Facts About Robin Williams’ Legendary Life And Career

21. The word “shazbot,” which was employed as a vulgar alien term on the show Mork and Mindy during the opening credits, was actually invented by Robin. He had no idea that the word would make its way into pop culture, such as The Simpsons and some video games.


22. When Disney first had the idea of casting Robin for the voice of the genie in Aladdin, they knew they needed to do something special in order to get him on board. So, they animated the genie performing Robin’s stand-up act. He signed on shortly after.


23. Similar to the improvisational techniques used for Mork and Mindy, much of Robin’s dialogue throughout Aladdin was unscripted, which gave him complete creative control over his character. While this led to great comedic moments, it disqualified Aladdin from the Academy Award race for Best Adapted Screenplay.


24. When Robin discovered that Disney was using his voice to sell Aladdin merchandise after the movie was released, he was furious. He had specifically instructed them not to do so. As an apology, Disney sent him an original Picasso painting thought to be worth upwards of one million dollars.


25. The wealth Robin amassed over his career allowed him to purchase a vineyard located near his home in California. Even though it was beautiful, Robin admitted it felt strange to own an entire vineyard.


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