Little-Known Facts About Robin Williams’ Legendary Life And Career

16. Remember the movie The Shining? The director, Stanley Kubrick, initially wanted to cast Robin as the lead character. After watching Mork and Mindy, however, Kubrick deemed Robin “too psychotic” for the role. It went to Jack Nicholson instead.

17. Robin was, apparently, good friends with Steven Spielberg. During the filming of Spielberg’s award-winning period drama Schindler’s List, Robin would call Spielberg with jokes and impressions in an attempt to cheer him up after spending all day on a solemn and depressing movie set.


18. After his good friend Christopher Reeve became paralyzed from a horse riding accident, Robin showed up to the hospital disguised as an eccentric proctologist from Russia who needed to give Reeve a rectal examination. It was the first time Reeve had cracked a smile since the accident.

19. Robin was a huge fan of the Monty Python comedy troupe. He loved the absurdity that they would frequently display. After Robin passed away, one of the Python members was quoted as saying that being on stage with Robin “would have been like being invited to play in a jazz band where you couldn’t play an instrument.”


20. Robin was an avid cyclist. He would frequently go on rides through the neighborhoods around his home. He trained with Lance Armstrong a few times, and even got to ride in Armstrong’s team car.


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