These Loyal Clingy Velcro Dog Breeds Will Stay By Your Side

Dogs make the ultimate loyal companion, but some are much more clingy than others. They call these pooches velcro dog breeds for good reason, and their behavior and personalities are adorable all the time — except maybe when you’re using the bathroom.

Life with an overly loyal breed is different. You might feel remorse about going to work for the whole day or even just zipping out to the mailbox. This will lead you to buy your canine companion too many toys and treats, which will only make them more clingy. But that’s what we love about them!

If you’re looking for a velcro dog breed, here are the dog breeds that are as affectionate as it gets. Just watch your step at all times, and never, ever get up from the couch when Fido is sprawled asleep across your entire body.

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