Man Asks Dog If He Wants To Go For A Walk, And The Dog Starts Flying In The Air

Tyson the Boxer might look like a solemn dog on the outside, but he literally has the soul of a frisky bunny rabbit!

Every time his dad offers to take him on a walk, he goes absolutely bonkers with excitement and leaps several feet up in the air out of sheer unfiltered joy!

Source: markphford/YouTube

In this video, we see Tyson’s precious reaction when Dad walks up to him and asks him, “Wanna go for a walk?” Tyson instantly flies to the door to answer Dad’s question in the most vivid way possible!

He then leaps up and down near the door, comfortably reaching way above the door knob! Those are some insane gravity-defying doggie high jumps!

Source: markphford/YouTube

Tyson can barely hold back his thrill as Dad prepares his leash while playfully teasing him about his cherished walk! The happy pooch looks like an oversized rabbit as he keeps hopping about the door with crazy energy coaxing Dad to hurry up. What an adorable goofball!

Source: markphford/YouTube

We have no idea how Tyson manages to scale up that high with his chunky, muscular physique. Either he has invisible springs attached under his paws or he had some secret doggie superpowers!

Don’t forget to keep your volume up to truly soak in Tyson’s celebratory ritual before his walk!

Click the video below to watch Tyson defying gravity the moment he learns it’s time for his walk!

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