15 Funniest Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Truly Understand

We all love our dogs, but sometimes our dogs can be a bit confusing and annoying to us.

For example, they love to get wet in the rain but hate getting a bath.

I’m always utterly confused by this fact.

I’m sure that all of the dog owners on here have experienced this as well the other struggles of owning a dog.

The images to follow compiled by the awesome peeps at JustSomething.co portray some of the many struggles a dog owner faces on a daily basis.

If you are a dog owner yourself, you will be laughing out loud as you can see yourself in a lot of the following situations!

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128 thoughts on “15 Funniest Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Truly Understand

  1. #12 & #15 is my dog! She loves my bed & I bought her one of those nice beds for her joints when she gets older “cuz she’s a German Shepard” but she lays next to it and uses it for pillow lol, then when Iaydown, she jumps up and lays right in the middle with her back against me! Gotta love it though,wouldn’t want it any other way!

  2. Our Caleb will be 14 in Nov. We have had to have 5 GSD put down because they couldn’t get up anymore. They all lived a long time. I’m too old to have a puppy,so we tend to adopt older GSDs. So many come from an abusal situation. We immediately spoil them rotten.

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