23 Small Dog Breeds That Are The Cutest Creatures On The Planet

Pocket-size pooches may not get as much attention as some of the bigger breeds do, but ask any small dog owner, and they'll tell you — the smaller the dog, the bigger the personality.

Big things come in small packages, and the American Kennel Club tends to agree.

The Labrador retriever was (unsurprisingly) named the most popular dog in 2015, with plenty of smaller breeds nipping at its heels.

Some of the AKC's most popular little breeds included Pomeranians, Yorkies and Boston terriers, and we've got a soft spot for quirky pups like the cockapoo — all of which you'll see on our list.

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52 thoughts on “23 Small Dog Breeds That Are The Cutest Creatures On The Planet

  1. That’s because they have squished up little faces and look more like teddies than cute little dogs. I have to say the jack Russell is one of the cutest small dog breeds, because they LOOk like a dog, they’re really cute and compact, with sparkly eyes. No squishy face or hair over their eyes… etc..

  2. I agree Lynn. I have a Jack Russell now as you can see by my profile pic. Over the years I’ve had several. My oldest lived a full life to the age of 18 y/o. I’ll never have any other breed.

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