22 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

Happiness… starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail! And there's no bad days when you come home to a Dog's love!

Dogs are awesome. Not only do our canine companions love us unconditionally, but they're typically not shy when it comes to loving up on us.

A happy pooch displays a variety of tell-tale signs, from perky ears, a wagging tail, and slurpy kisses, to a super-chilled, docile demeanor.

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We all wish our dogs could talk – it would make things so much easier. Even though they can’t speak, it doesn’t mean we can’t tell how they are feeling by the way they act.

If you've ever wondered if your dog loves the life you are giving her, check out these 22 signs that may help you determine if your dog is happy or not.

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