12 Realities New Beagle Owners Must Accept

Beagles are wonderful family dogs. They are loving and affectionate, they are great with kids, and they are real cuddlers.

beagle 7There is nothing better than having a Beagle jump up on your lap, give you a kiss, and curl up for a nap under your arm.

They are silly, playful, cute, loving, soft-hearted dogs that will steal your heart.

They are a sensitive breed that feels your pain, laughs when you laugh, and snuggles when you cry.

Sometimes they will just do the funniest things and will find joy in the simplest of toys.  An empty cardboard box can provide hours of fun for a beagle.

If you are considering to own a beagle, or you’ve just become a new beagle owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new beagle owners must accept on the next page! …and if you already are a beagle owner, see if you can relate!

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789 thoughts on “12 Realities New Beagle Owners Must Accept

  1. Mine doesn’t care about the TV, but the humans in the house don’t much either. The article highlights the WONDERFUL aspects of being a beagle companion, but it’s important to know the challenges of a breed before committing. These doggies shed SO MUCH, so I strip down to snuggle jammies when it is time to relax with my girl. They also do not listen when they are sidetracked. There are times my girl doesn’t even hear the word “treat.” Their floopy little ears turn off when their smeller kicks in. They unintentionally wander off. But they are pure joy and love.

  2. I totally agree with you! My little guy (who’s 10 now) is probably the most well behaved dog to ever exist, unless his sniffer is on to something. Then, he is off in his own world until he is satisfied or I manage to physically catch up with him and get his attention! But for all the hassles that may come with a beagle, they are so worth it with how unconditional their love is and how wonderful of a friend they can become!

  3. Be careful Natalie. I take puppy aggression seriously. You need intervention with a trainer that knows what they are doing asap. Especially since you have oscar around. You can’t take chances!

  4. I have had belle for 4 months she is coming up to a yr old and I have to say of all the dogs I have had over the years she is the most destructive, stubborn, dog I have ever had. Saying that she came to me knowing nothing of simple commands and is now learning very quickly. she doesn’t like the word no. All I can suggest is to get some advice from an experienced trainer as soon as possible good luck hun x

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