12 Realities New Beagle Owners Must Accept

7. You will see a whole new level of lazy

beagle lazy

8. You will no longer be the crazy one in the house

beagle crazy

9. You will get a lot of Beagle looks when you leave the house

beagle looks

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789 thoughts on “12 Realities New Beagle Owners Must Accept

  1. Beagles are an interesting breed. Their little quirks can be endearing. They’re a little naughty and mischievous. But oh my! I do love these little dogs! I’ve had three beagles. And loved them dearly!

  2. I wish number 12 were true. My 7 year old beagle hates my 2 year old. I think he’s just too old to deal with kids. I do wish they were close though. We’re thinking about getting a second dog to play with the kids to hopefully alleviate some stress off our beagle.

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