10 Unreal Pug Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe

8. Poxer: Boxer & Pug

The poxer is a mixed breed dog between a pug and a boxer. This designer pug cross breed is recognised by IDCR (The International Designer Canine Registry) and DBR (The Designer Breed Registry).

To get a good idea of the characteristics of the poxer breed, the best thing to do is to look at the parent dog breeds. Some of the common characteristics of the pug include; lively, loves humans, great with children, intelligent and playful. The boxer share some of the pug’s characteristics.

For example, boxers are also intelligent, playful, friendly and loyal to his/her family. Additionally, boxers are alert, fearless and require lots of physical exercise, which should all be taken into consideration if you are planning to live with a poxer.

Boxer Pug Mix

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