10 Unreal Pug Cross Breeds You Have To See To Believe

9. Pugshire: Yorkshire Terrier & Pug

Pugshires have the head of a Yorkie and the body of a Pug, and with the nose mid-way between the two. They are absolutely gorgeous dogs that get attention everywhere they go.

Pugshires are very gentle and kind natured dogs. They are very friendly, and always want to meet new people. They tend to lick quite a lot. They also have a tendency to be extremely silly at times. They gets along with people of all ages. Pugshires do bark quite a lot, but not as much as a Yorkie. They do like to talk though.

Pugshires are not very energetic. They may have outbursts throughout the day but then they return to relaxing. They should be taken for a daily walk between 30 minutes to 1 hour is good. They can go for really long walks up to four hours but then will sleep for hours afterward.

Yorkshire Terrier Pug cross

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