Woman Shows Kindness To A Stray Dog, The Dog Later Saves Her From 2 Attackers

Georgia Bradley was enjoying a fun vacation in Crete, Greece, but a disturbing incident changed the entire course of her trip.

The 25-year-old was enjoying the picturesque view at a secluded beach, when 2 men approached her out of nowhere and asked her out for drinks.

Georgia declined their offer politely, but this triggered the duo into making aggressive advances at her.

Georgia was traumatized as she struggled to protect herself. That’s when an unexpected hero rushed in to save the day.

The woman saw, Pepper, a tiny stray dog she had petted earlier, barging into the scene and attacking the 2 men. The fearless pooch barked vigorously and eventually scared away the men, leaved Georgia indebted to her for life.

Georgia spent the rest of her trip hanging out with Pepper. But when it was time for her to leave, she couldn’t get her furry savior out of her mind. The heartbroken woman pledged to return to rescue the brave dog from her plight on the streets.

Over the next 5 weeks, Georgia made 3 trips to Crete to locate Pepper and arrange for her transport. She travelled over 6,000 miles in total, and shelled out thousands of dollars to make sure Pepper was safe and ready to fly to her true home.

After spending another 21 days in quarantine, the sweet dog was finally able to walk home with her new best friend!

After settling well into her new home, Pepper had a major surprise for Bradley. A medical evaluation revealed that the dog was far along in her pregnancy, and just due to give birth! Soon, Pepper was a proud mama as she gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies!

All of Pepper’s adorable puppies were raised well and adopted into good families. It’s been a crazy ride for Georgia and Pepper, but the chaos is over now. This duo is enjoying each other’s company, knowing well that they were destined to be together!

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