Veteran With PTSD Is Saved By A Wolf

A large number of veterans come home dealing with excruciating PTSD after returning from service. With dwindling self-worth and nagging combat stress, they often develop self-sabotaging tendencies that cannot be healed with traditional therapy.

Many such struggling veterans have now found solace at California’s “Lockwood Animal Rescue Center”, amidst the company of rescued wolves!

Source: Great Big Story/YouTube

Founded in 2011, this sanctuary rescues wolves and wolf-dog hybrids from different cruelty situations involving abuse, exploitation through illegal breeding, or other low-welfare setups.

These rescues in turn become a healing resource for traumatized veterans who have been failed by medications and counseling.

Source: Great Big Story/YouTube

Each wolf at the vast 20-acre sanctuary has voluntarily picked a troubled veteran to work as their primary caretaker.

As every battered wolf and their veteran dedicate themselves to each other, they find mutual healing and acceptance in their sacred empathetic company – until they end up rehabilitating each other! This is pure magic!

Source: Great Big Story/YouTube

The video below beautifully correlates the checkered pasts of these brave warrior wolves and veterans, who have salvaged their lives thanks to this unorthodox form of therapy.

Wolves are highly intuitive beings and their capacity to embrace hurting humans is unbelievable! The sanctuary management has decided to keep their center closed for public visits, just to maintain the sanctity of this powerful therapeutic program.

We wish them good luck!

Click the video below to watch how several crumbling veterans turned their lives around through this empowering wolf therapy.

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