Dog Discovers New Toy He Can’t Stop Playing With & It’s Hilarious

We’ve been surprised by dogs who love to give themselves a dog bath. Do you guys remember the cute golden retriever puppy who treats himself to a daily shower? 

Well, Dara doesn’t have to work too hard to be as cute as the golden puppy!

He also enjoys playing with water and can’t say no to a nice dog bath. But what happens when his human turns off the faucet and he has to stop enjoying his refreshing shower?

Not to worry, he knows just what to do! We’re pretty sure that, by now, Dara’s humans don’t even have to turn on the faucet themselves anymore. He goes straight to the faucet every morning to clean himself off and get ready for whatever the day may bring.

Not only can he turn the faucet on, he also knows how to turn it off! How clever is he?

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