UPS Driver Takes Dog Selfies On His Route And His Social Media Account Blows Up

UPS, those friendly brown delivery trucks that deliver boxes galore, has gone to the dogs. Well, for at least one really popular UPS driver, that is.

The smart delivery man has started a very popular Instagram account with a special twist: it contains selfies of the dogs he meets!

Source: jhardesty/Instagram

Jason Hardesty, of New Orleans, even started his own hashtag on the popular social media platform with #pupsofjay.

Little did he realize that the account would blow up online and has gone viral. Hardesty calls himself a “very easily entertained UPS driver,” and when you see his account, you will understand.

Source: jhardesty/Instagram

The account has gained so much traction that Hardesty’s adorable smile coupled with the cute doggos he meets have landed him on the Pups of UPS Instagram account.

If you need a little break from your day, could use a pocket full of sunshine, or simply need a smile, you’ve got to visit this guy’s Instagram page.

Source: jhardesty/Instagram

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