War Veteran Has A Panic Attack During An Interview. Watch The Service Dog…

Erick Scott, a veteran who served in Iraq, knows first-hand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder – a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event).

PTSD is also sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, occurs after experiencing severe trauma or a life-threatening event.

For all too many veterans, it's hard to readjust to life out of the military or getting haunted by unpleasant memories and experiences. Erick was no exception.

To help him combat his anxiety, he was paired with a special service dog, Gumbo. Gumbo's main role was to notify him when he started showing symptoms of PTSD.

Watch the video on the next page to see Gumbo's amazing reaction when Scott gets agitated on camera during an interview. This is incredibly touching to see.

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512 thoughts on “War Veteran Has A Panic Attack During An Interview. Watch The Service Dog…

  1. This is what a dog does ! Service dogs more so , trained ! My dog calms me down ! His predecessor more so ! He was a natural , he would come to me and sit close to me and nuzzle me !

  2. God bless this important scheme to help our and US veterans, how wonderful to see a unconditional love no matter, the cause no matter, what illness. To me how beautiful and instant attention from no one can give an opinion , true love and help give tranquility! Brilliant

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  4. My lab Mia would sit and comfort me during the worst of panic attacks. She was the best most sweetest dog. She was right by my side during my pregnancy and up with me every night while I rocked a colicky baby. We had to put her down last October, I’ll always miss her ❤️️ she left such a hole in my heart. I don’t think my husband and I ever sobbed so much as we did that day. We now have an 11 month old black lab and a 14 week old GSD. It took two to fill her shoes ❤️️

  5. Awesome story. Puppies are amazing. It’s time our vets get the help and treatment they need and deserve. Politicians need to forget their political alliances and just do what’s right!!!

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