Award-Winning Commercial Brilliantly Depicts How Service Dogs Help War Veterans

It’s not often that a 35-second video can have such a powerful impact and send such a strong message. But this short video manages to achieve all that and more!

Here is an ad that was put out by the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. In this fast-paced, 35-second ad, they manage to brilliantly highlight a very important aspect of war – post war PTSD that thousands of soldiers face, and how service dogs can help.

The video begins with a soldier in the middle of a battle. The fantastic cinematography and superb editing perfectly capture the pain and suffering that war inflicts on those in the trenches. The soldier is surrounded by blood and bodies, with bullets zipping past, and his mind going numb.

But it’s the way the ad ends that made our jaws drop. We won’t reveal the ending to you here, because you need to watch it yourself to feel the powerful impact this ad has! This ad is so good, it won the Gouden Loeki 2014 award for the best Dutch commercial of the year!

They perfectly sum up service dogs with this beautiful line – “We not only help people who cannot see, but also those who have seen too much.”

Check out the video below to watch this incredible commercial about PTSD and service dogs.

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