Rescued Puppies Finds Friendship With a Giant Tortoise

There are many stories of animal friendships that we thought didn’t match, yet we became amazed at how they get along so well.

An adorable example is the story of rescued puppies who found a companion in an unlikely animal. Andrea, a foster mom and a member of Second Chances Rescue, took home the four abandoned puppies from a parking lot.

“A man showed up with a case of beer with these four puppies. He claimed he caught them in his garden but was unable to capture their mother.” Andrea said.


Andrea then decided to bring home the pups. They were scared and Andrea let them adjust to their new home. Andrea also has another rescued pet, an eight-year-old Sulcata tortoise named Goliath. They developed a connection that Andrea didn’t expect.

One day, one puppy was gone and made Andrea worried. She discovered it hiding in Goliath’s den. Later on, all puppies found a sense of security in Goliath and enjoys cuddling with him.


Most dogs would be terrified or ignore a tortoise but definitely not these three puppies. The tortoise and the pups found good friendship amongst each other and we are happy for them!

Here is the adorable video of Goliath and the pups:

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