Meet Maya: The Husky Born Without Paws Gets Custom Wheelchair

Maya, a beautiful Siberian Husky was born with a disability. Her activities were limited such as running and playing. Though having a rough start in life, she is still a positive pup.

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Aside from missing paws, Maya also suffered from a degenerative condition that affects her hips. What’s more, she also has a spine disorder, making it hard for her to move around.

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The vets couldn’t do much, and when Kit found her on Facebook, she decided to give Maya a forever home. With the help of her new mom and a custom wheelchair, Maya’s life has turned brighter.

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Kit said in Bored Panda that it was difficult at first but Maya is all worth it. She calls Maya “frisky and strong” and that this beautiful husky “likes to play with a ball, spend time with her puppy friend and loves sleeping”.

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The adorable pup is truly a fighter. She’s also photogenic! Watch her story below:

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