Police officers give car ride to pig lost in the cold

We all need a little help sometimes, and it’s always inspiring seeing people go out of their way to help animals. Even the smallest good deed can make a difference.

That was the case recently, after police officers gave a ride to a lost pig who was out in the cold.

According to a Facebook post from the Anchorage Police Department, officers received a call from a concerned citizen about a pig who was seen standing on the side of the road in the neighborhood of Fairview.

It’s not the kind of case police officers take on often, and the officers couldn’t help but joke about it: “We’re all familiar with refrigerated bacon, we just never thought we’d respond to a call for service related to that topic,” they wrote.

Realizing the pig was cold and alone, they decided to give the pig a ride in their vehicle. They described him as a “portly dude” who was “quite friendly.”

Thankfully, they were able to reunite the pig with his family. They were very amused when they found out the pig was named “Elvis Pigsley.”

For many officers, this piggy rescue would easily rank as one of their most unusual cases. But the Anchorage Police Department wrote that this is actually their second odd animal rescue in the past year.

In April, they were called to rescue a turkey from a convenience store: “Can’t blame him really. He crossed the street on his own and everything,” the officers wrote, calling it “a first.”

They carried the bird home, and later joked that the bird was lucky to have been caught around Easter and not Thanksgiving: “Had it been Thanksgiving or Christmas time…… this story could have had a much different ending. Just saying.”

Thank you to these police officers for helping Elvis Pigley get home safe & warm! Please share this story if you love animals!

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