Dozer, The Boxer, Is Scared Of His Own Farts And It’s Hilarious!!!

Looking for a good laugh? Well, look no further!! Here's a video of confused Dozer, the Boxer who's freaked out of the fart noise!

He's like, “I hear it, but I don't feel or smell it!” or maybe he's asking “why do my farts keep coming out of your mouth?”…lol And the poor doggy's guilty look… he's so darn cute!!

I have never seen anything quite this silly or quite this cute! You will be in hysterics watching this one.

Boxers seem to always be just like this, all's well as long as you end the whole episode with massive hugs and treats! haha.

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28 thoughts on “Dozer, The Boxer, Is Scared Of His Own Farts And It’s Hilarious!!!

  1. We have had Boxers sense 1981, and really nothing they do surprises me.But this one was a surprise. They are such sweet loving dog, we have had 3 girl with the reverse brindle, a fawn and a regular brindle. Two of our males were brindle and the one we have now is fawn. the ones we have now are rescue dogs. I love most all dogs and cats but I don’t think we will have more after these are gone. We are both getting up in years and 2 big dogs with a lot of energy is a lot for us to keep up with. they surely are sweet babies.

  2. The only BUTT into his lame video, is the weird chick making the noises that thinks she is getting one over on a boxer puppy….it’s a bit sad actually.
    I do wish her the best in finding a partner, and/or the help that she obviously needs!

  3. He is just a baby, she is just playing with him. She obviously loves him, hence the kisses. Always someone who has negative feedback.

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