Heroic Officers Rappel Down Cliff To Rescue Missing Dog Trapped On Cliff’s Edge

Sometimes when dogs go missing, they turn up in the most unexpected — and dangerous — places. Thankfully, there are kind rescuers willing to go the extra mile to get these dogs out of danger and back to their families.

That was the case recently, after animal officers literally saved a missing dog from the brink, rappelling down to save a missing dog who was trapped on a cliff’s edge.

On December 1, the Animal Law Enforcement Team of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region received a call about a dog stuck on a cliff in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The poor dog was trapped 50 yards above a creek. Officers Barker and Johnson arrived on the scene, and began a rescue operation to bring the dog to safety.

According to a Facebook post by the Humane Society, the officers borrowed a mountaineering harness and a rappelling rope from a local man.

After finding a spot on the cliff right above where the dog was located, Officer Barker rappelled down.

While the dog was reportedly immediately thrilled to see her rescuers, saving the dog was a delicate operation.

“She immediately started to wag her tail and crawl towards her, but the ground was slipping out from underneath the dog,” the Humane Society wrote.

To secure the dog, Officer Barker handed Johnson a catchpole. She was able to get a hold of the dog’s neck and shoulder, ensuring she could catch the dog if it fell.

Then, it was finally time to grab the dog and pull her to safety.

“Once the pup was finally in the arms of Officer Barker, Officer Johnson lowered a secondary rope which was securely tied into a makeshift harness for the dog,” the Humane Society wrote. “Officer Johnson quickly pulled up the dog and Officer Barker shortly after.”

Checking the dog’s microchip, they discovered her name was “Jessie Lee,” and after contacting the owner, they found out the dog had been missing for two weeks.

“Her owners were looking for her every day,” the Humane Society wrote. “When we told them she was ready to come home, they were there first thing the next morning to pick up their Jessie Lee.”

Thank you to Officers Barker and Johnson for going the extra mile to save this dog and bring her home safe and sound!

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