25 Hilarious Texts Your Dog Would Have Sent You If It Had A Phone

11. You can’t afford to make any typos with your dog.

12. Scared of his own farts, sounds a lot like my dog.

The creator of this blog, October Jones, has really captured the eager and passionate personalities of canines quite well.

Dogs really do seem like the annoying all-caps and anxious double-texting kind. Well, no matter how annoying they are, we still love them.

13. It seems like forever since you’ve been gone.

14. The human got tricked!

15. There is a reason why God didn’t allow dogs to talk.

16. Keep your weird friends away from me, doggo.

17. We can trick your mum. Trust me.

18. Not the brightest dog, is he?

19. Even when they bite you, you still want them around?

20. Dogs really can’t hold their excitement in.

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