Parents Bring Home Newborn Baby & Impatient Pit Bull Jumps At The Baby’s Face

Gemma the Pit Bull knew something was up with her family after Mom suddenly “disappeared” from the house. She had no idea that Mom was in the hospital to deliver her baby boy, Elliott.

In this video, we see Gemma’s no-holds-barred reaction when her family returns home with the newborn baby!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Gemma is undoubtedly curious when Mom enters the house with a baby carrier. The smart Pit Bull can smell the new human, and she wants to see him immediately.

Mom is apprehensive about letting Gemma greet Elliott straight away. So she places the baby carrier at a distance and lets her dog glance at the boy from afar.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

However, Gemma becomes an unstoppable force once she lays her eyes on the tiny toddler! She launches her body into the baby carrier and aims for Elliott’s adorable face.

Mom tries to hold Gemma back, but the over-excited dog is determined to welcome the baby with her slobbery kisses!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

That’s when Dad points out Elliott’s wide smile and Gemma’s wagging tail, which is swinging at full speed!

The parents realize that the bewitched pooch has already accepted Elliott as her brother, and there’s no way she can ever harm him! Pit Bulls are such gentle and nurturing souls!

Click the video below to watch Gemma’s precious first encounter with baby Elliott!

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