Canine Astrology: Breeds and Dog Personality Traits That Match Your Star Sign

One of the things that have gotten quite big, especially among the younger generations, is the relevance of zodiacs and star signs to everyone’s life.

It’s become one of the more popular guides on how to understand people, find a romantic partner, take on a career challenge, and a lot more.

It has come to a point where people won’t make life-changing decisions until after they have consulted their star charts.

And while there are still some who do not believe in them, these zodiacs and their purported meanings come quite accurate more often than not.

So if you subscribe to these ideas and are planning to become a dog owner yourself, why not try getting a breed most suited for your star sign?

Take out your star charts, ask your parents about your time of birth, then let’s consult this list of breeds and dog personality traits that would perfectly match you according to your zodiac.

ARIES: Shetland Sheepdog

Aries are known to be born leaders and can be perfectly paired with energetic and playful breeds like the Shetland sheepdog. More commonly known as Sheltie, these dogs are intelligent, obedient, and playful, matching the strong traits of dog owners born under the Ram sign.

TAURUS: Golden Retriever

Taurus is an earth sign, which also has Venus as its ruling planet. That being said, people born under this zodiac have great aesthetic taste and love to indulge in anything luxurious. So it’s not surprising that they would be attracted to pretty breeds like the golden retriever. Its beautiful blonde coat is eye-candy for any Taurus, not to mention that they are also loyal and sociable.

GEMINI: Border Collie

Geminis are intelligent and reflective and are suited for breeds that would mirror their sensitivities. This makes border collies the perfect pup for the twin sign as they are equally affectionate, smart, and also energetic. Collies are also sensitive to their owner’s emotions, so they would surely provide an emotional balance to people born under the Gemini zodiac.

CANCER: Pomeranian

Sweet, sensitive, and clingy are some of the best words to describe Cancers. They like cuddling and sometimes tend to get validation with how much love they’re getting. Good thing Pomeranians are born with a temperament fit for the need for this exhibition of love. Their size does not require them a lot of exercises, so this breed would prefer curling up next to their owner instead of running around a field.

LEO: Mastiff

Represented by a lion, this sign is said to be the bravest among the zodiacs. People born under the lion sign are born leaders and risk-takers and require a breed with a build that’s equally bold as their owner–much like a Mastiff. These mighty dogs are massive and muscular but are generally submissive to their masters, and would go to extra lengths to protect them like a lion would his pride.

VIRGO: Siberian Husky

Virgos are often mistaken to be anal-retentive, when the truth is they are just calm, disciplined, and hardworking people who take their lives seriously. And what breed could be more fitting to these traits than Siberian Huskies? These snow dogs are loyal and hardworking, yet still quite playful, reminding all the Virgos to strike the balance between work and play.

LIBRA: Bulldog

Libras love justice, thus the iconic weighing scale representation of this star sign. People born under this sign often appear intimidating but are very fair and peace-loving. This string of adjectives is also what would perfectly describe a bulldog, making them the best breed for Libras. These pups may look like it’s built to fight, but they are very calm and carry the kindest temperament.

SCORPIO: Norfolk Terrier

Everyone would probably agree that Scorpios are some of the fiercest and feistiest people around, and we live for it. So when it comes to choosing a breed that best matches their sassy personality, nothing comes close to Norfolk Terriers that can keep up with the attitude. These pups may look small, but they’re mighty adventure-seekers.

SAGITTARIUS: Australian Shepherd

Sagittarius people are, more often than not, travel freaks who like exploring new things and wandering around places. They do away with routines and always make things exciting, so pairing them with an Australian Shepherd makes it a match made in heaven. These pups are very smart and clever, much like an intelligent Sagittarius dog owner.


No pretense, no sass, no feisty attitude, just purely good-natured and responsible. Yes, those words are describing both a Capricorn and a Shiba Inu. With these traits, it’s definitely a perfect pairing. These pups are originally bred from Japan and are adaptable, good-natured, and attentive, perfect for a regal Capricorn.

AQUARIUS: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bold and sometimes eccentric, the Aquarius sign radiates with a big personality. So when it comes to choosing the best pup that can keep up, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel becomes a front-runner. These dogs are gentle and affectionate, good with people, and like to play even with strangers, making them a match for an Aquarius’ free-spirited character.

PISCES: Maltese

If it’s a knack for imagination and ingenuity, look no further than a Pisces. People born under this sign are highly creative and bright, so they need a pup that would match all these sunny traits. The bright and curious Maltese fits these requirements with its sweet and playful temperament.

Of course, there are tons of breeds with other dog personality traits that might fit your zodiac. An Aquarius might get along with a Shiba Inu, or a Sagittarius might actually like a Siberian Husky.

So whether you’re a new dog owner or are considering adding to your “pawmily”, this guide would help lead you to the perfect match in choosing a suitable breed.

And if you currently have the dog matched to your zodiac sign right now, did the personality traits we’ve described match? Let us know!

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