French Bulldog Who Was Stolen Four Years Ago Returns Home, Stunning Her Long-Worrying Owner

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog goes missing. You search everywhere, but at some point you start to lose hope.

But sometimes, miracles happen, and dogs are found weeks, months or even years later.

That was the case recently, when a dog who was stolen four years ago unexpectedly returned home, stunning her long-worrying owner.

Shona Macleod, from Carlisle, England, was left heartbroken in March 2017 when her French bulldog Roxie was stolen from her home, according to BBC. Roxie was only 18 weeks old.

Facebook/Shona Macleod

She was microchipped but had no collar on when she was taken. Shona was desperate to get her dog back and offered a £500, but there was no sign of the dog anywhere.

Eventually, Shona and her family moved on, accepting that Roxie was gone for good. Shona had two more children and recently adopted another French bulldog named Bear.

Then, last month, she received stunning news.

Last month, a French bulldog was found wandering around a park, and a stray dog team checked her microchip — which revealed Shona as the owner.

After four-and-a-half years missing, Roxie was finally found.

Facebook/Shona Macleod

“I cried my eyes out when I realised it was Roxie,” Shona told BBC.

Reuniting with her long-lost dog after so much time apart, Shona said it was “like she’s never been away.” While Roxie was dirty and had fleas, she was in good shape and did not appear to have been mistreated.

She also says that Roxie is adjusting well to the new family dynamic, and is getting along with her new dog Bear.

It’s a miraculous reunion — and also a reminder to get your pets microchipped. It’s a safe, inexpensive service that can help you reunite with your lost pets, even after years apart.

It’s especially important for owners of expensive breed dogs like French bulldogs, as they have been a frequent target for dognappers.

We’re so glad Roxie is finally home after so many years away from home. We hope she and her happy family are making up for lost time!

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