Dog Set To Be Euthanized By Kennel Finds New Home & Gets Second Chance At Life As Police K9

Many police departments employ K9 police dogs. These dogs are not only invaluable in police work, but are a beloved part of any department: they often form close bonds with their human colleagues.

And one new K9 recruit already has a special bond with his team: they saved him from being euthanized.

Loki, a two-year-old Belgian Malinois/Shepherd, was purchased by the Olathe Police Department from a kennel in Pennsylvania, hoping to bring him on board as a police dog, according to FOX 4.

However, they realized that Loki had a medical condition that could preclude him from being an effective K9: he had an underdeveloped kidney which would need to be removed.

They contacted the kennel, which agreed to replace the dog free-of-charge. However, the department also found out that Loki would be euthanized if he was returned.

“We had concerns with that workload given Loki’s condition, but euthanizing him was absolutely not an option,” the Olathe Police Department said in a statement to FOX 4.

So, instead of sending the dog away to certain death, the department made arrangements to find him a new home.

And in the end, Loki got to be a police dog after all: he was taken in by the Spring Hill Kansas Police Department!

The timing worked out: Loki is replacing Spring Hill’s K9 Niko, who is retiring next year. He will have to undergo a surgery next year to remove his kidney, but otherwise he’s trained and ready to work.

“By all accounts Loki is a highly driven canine that will fit in well with Spring Hill’s needs,” the department said in a statement. “Eventually Loki will have to have surgery but in the meantime, Loki is partnered with our experienced K9 handler, Officer Wipf, and is ready to go to work as our newest K9 officer.”

According to FOX 4, Loki is certified to detect illegal drugs and to sniff out and apprehend suspects.

“He is always ready to work,” says Officer Wipf. “He’s always bouncing around. He wants to get out. He wants to find something to get his reward, to get his toy and play.”

Both departments were relieved how well things worked out: ”Just the fact that he is able to continue on and live a good life, regardless of whether that’s in police work or just being a dog, there is no better feeling,” Wipf told FOX 4.

“It is certainly the best thing for Loki and a win, win for both departments,” the Olathe Police Department said in their statement.

We’re so glad Loki is safe and sound, with owners who will care for him instead of euthanizing him. We wish him all the luck in his new job as a police K9!

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