[Video] Cocker Spaniel Loves Car Rides, But Only If His Human Does THIS!

Most dogs love going on rides, especially when they know that they're headed to the park or going on a road trip.

Watching a dog enjoy a car ride is a true delight. His head is up, the wind is blowing through his fur, and there is an unmistakable look of pure happiness on his face.

You can’t help but smile, because you know that feeling of unadulterated bliss. It always makes me smile when I see cars with dogs sticking out their heads (who seem to be smiling most of the time).

Tommy the Cocker Spaniel loves to go on car rides too, but not like most other dogs who love sticking out their heads out the window with joy. He's happy to ride only if his human, Adam Douglas, holds his hand!

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Adam caught the sweet moment with his iPhone (safely set up in a holder for hands free calls). Adam says Tommy can’t drive without holding hands and always makes sure Tommy’s buckled in safely before any drive. What a sweet dog!

Check out the adorable video of Tommy the Cocker Spaniel insisting on his human to hold his hand while driving on the next page:

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  1. My license plates tell everyone it’s not my car but my Cockers . We’ve taken her in he car for only a mile up the road & right back home just so she gets her car ride. She’s not spoiled at all.

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