11-Yr-Old Finds Home For Old, Unwanted Dog– Cries When They Tell Her There’s More

Every dog deserves a home, and if it were up to one 11-year-old California resident, all dogs would get their forever homes. Though Emmy seems very typical, she is actually extraordinary. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, the young lady said she wanted to start a charity to help homeless animals. This is how Emmy’s Hope was born.

People who want to give a dog a forever home can log on to Emmy’s Hope and find dogs who need help or want to donate toward their care. Apparently, word got out about this special child and her desire to help animals in need.

The folks at Kleenex heard about Emmy and her plight to find a home for one elderly dog living in a shelter. Fox was an older dog, and Emmy knew this meant he would have less time in the shelter before being euthanized. She had to do something.

A lot of Kleenex tissues were probably used to wipe happy tears away when they told Emmy the good news. They were able to help get the dog a new home. Emmy walked outside with a shelter worker where a crowd of cheering fans awaited.

But wait, there’s more. Wait until you see what Kleenex did for Emmy after that in the special video below.

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