15 UNREAL English Bulldog Cross Breeds You’ve Got To See To Believe

11. English Bulldog + Pug = Miniature English Bulldog

The Miniature English Bulldog is a cross between two purebred breeds, the English Bulldog and the Pug. The amount of each breed may vary depending on breeding, so it is possible to have a Miniature Bulldog with more or less than 50 percent of each breed.

The Miniature English Bulldog is a fun-loving breed by nature and it is friendly with people and other pets. This breed is not the most active, but it does love to spend time playing with its family, though it would be equally happy to take a nap on the couch.

Bullpug = Bulldog + Pug
Bullpug 2 = Bulldog + Pug

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