35 Healthiest Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog (And The 12 That Could Kill Your Dog)

Ever wonder what foods you can safely give to your beloved dogs besides the boring “dog food” you feed them everyday?

Most pet experts agree that giving your dog “human” is not advisable. Sharing our processed, high-in-sugar-and-fat-foods with our pets could lead to them developing serious health issues.

But are there any other foods that we eat that you can give them to spice up their meals?


Luckily, dogs can eat a pretty wide variety of food, and in many instances, what’s healthy for us is also healthy for them (WARNING: but NOT always).

There are plenty of people foods that we can share with our dogs that are not only good for us, but good for our pooches, too.

Check out the “dog-approved” human foods that are actually perfectly safe … and even healthy on the next page!

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