The Effects Of Using Coke To Clean A Dirty Toilet

If there's one thing we love, it's pantry items that double as cleaning supplies. From using salt and lemon to clean a cutting board to bananas that double as shoe polish, we're obsessed with any hack that doesn't mean adding an extra item to purchase on our list.

That's why we're so into this easy toilet cleaning trick! Chances are you already have everything you need sitting in your fridge.

How to use Coke to clean a toilet

You're probably familiar with the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola already. The international soda brand comes in diet, caffeine-free and even coffee-flavored varieties. It also pairs well with a slice of pizza, a juicy burger and apparently … toilet water? That's right. The fizzy soda can give your toilet a spotless clean in a pinch.

Check out the hack in action and follow the steps below for a clean bowl without all the scrubbing!

  1. Pour Coca-Cola along the edges of the toilet bowl — the carbonation will take care of the heavy lifting for you!
  2. Leave the soda in the toilet overnight.
  3. The next morning, flush the fizz away and your toilet will look good as new.

Even more good news, after you're finished, you can kick back with a cold can of soda from your leftover supply!

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