Wounded Soldiers Given Purple Hearts, Were More Thrilled About The Happy Ending…

Specialist Alec Alcoser was only six months into his deployment in Afghanistan when he and his dog, Alex, had a close brush with death.

The two had a close bond; they slept in the same bed, spent their free time together, and always had each other’s backs. They weren’t just serving together — they were the best of friends.

That fateful morning, he grabbed his dog’s leash and left the barracks to tackle a mission together. Neither of them had any idea what would be in store that day.

While they were on duty and walking through a village, a local man approached them. Without warning, disaster struck: the man was a suicide bomber and, once he got close enough, he detonated his explosives.

The two soldiers were seriously injured in the explosion and caught in the firefight that immediately followed.

Once the violence had died down, both Alcoser and the German Shepherd received emergency medical attention. Alec had multiple broken bones, a mild brain injury, and shrapnel wounds covered at least 30% of his body.

Unfortunately, Alex needed to have his left rear leg amputated. As a result, he was retired from service and sent to the Join Base San Antonio-Lackland. It was there the brave pup recovered and was taught how to function with only three legs.

Although Specialist Alcoser was focused on his own recovery, he couldn’t wait for the day to be reunited with his best friend.

Soon enough, the two were able to have their happy reunion: not only did they both receive Purple Hearts for their heroism in the line of duty, but they got to spend tearful, happy hours together. Unfortunately, that time came to an end and each of them went home.

Thankfully, they were separated for only a little while. The soldier was determined to make Alex part of his family, and eventually, he was able to adopt the soldier dog and bring him home!

After sharing such a close call with death, the only thing Alec wanted to do was to spend the rest of his life with the pup who always had his back. These heroes certainly deserve some rest and relaxation together!

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