Thieves Kept Stealing His Packages, So Man Uses Dog Poo To Build A “Bait Box”

Having packages stolen off one’s doorstep is always a violating experience. When Youtuber Tom Mabe realized that some very nasty package thieves were active in his neighborhood, he decided to teach them a lesson.

Source: MabeInAmerica/YouTube

Tom set up an elaborate trap to teach the thieves a long overdue lesson. He built a nifty “bait box” bomb that would explode in the face of the thief when opened, with the most ingenious choice of explosive – dog poop!

This innovative stink bomb is facilitated with a timer that ticks off once the package is stolen.

In this video captured by one of the CCTVs installed by Tom, we see a pesky package thief brazenly walk up to Tom’s front porch and sneak away with the unattended ‘package’.

Source: MabeInAmerica/YouTube

The thief happily drives away with triumphant thoughts about his latest loot, but soon, his time is up!

It’s a spectacular sight to see the crook get hilariously owned when the epic stink bomb blows up on him. We’re sure this will leave him with a bad taste in his mouth for a long time!

Click the video below to watch this hugely satisfying video of a package thief getting a well-deserved payback!

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