World’s Worst Sheepdog Goes To Herd Sheep, Somehow Gets Them To Play With Him Instead

All work and no play makes Nelson a dull boy. So when Nelson the ‘part’ Norfolk Terrier went out to herd the sheep on this particular day, he decided to have a little fun. Somehow instead of herding the sheep, he was able to get the sheep to play with him! When the boss (AKA Dad) saw this, he had to capture it on camera. 😀

The “World’s Worst Sheepdog” playfully runs up to the herd before circling around them. This is when the sheep start chasing after the dog! Maybe Nelson isn’t slacking off and he’s just inventing a new style of sheepherding where the sheep chase their leader into the pen. Yeah, that’s probably it! 😉

Nelson, you had one job! But who can blame the dog? He saw an opportunity to have some fun and took it!

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