Collie Is Found Abandoned By Railroad Tracks, Rescuers Get Closer And See Horrifying Truth

For homeless dogs life can be extremely hard.  Not only do you have to scavenge for food scraps you also have to fight the elements outside.  The routine can be exhausting.  When I think of any dog being left on the streets it breaks my heart.  Strays are shocking to see when they are found by rescuers.

During a routine drive at a railroad freight yard in Chicago, rescuers found a collie wandering around. Once they got close to the dog they were extremely shocked.  His coat was matted and he could barely walk.  The mats were so bad they could barely tell if it was a he or a she.

Freight, was the name they had given to the poor collie because of where they had found him.   He was petrified of humans and it was challenging getting close to him.  When they finally were able to coax the dog into their vehicle, they brought him back to the medical center to be evaluated.

First they had to  remove his severely matted fur.

“It took shaving the pup’s bottom down to be able to figure out if we were dealing with a male or female dog,” the Trio Animal Foundation wrote in a Facebook post. “The burrs, dried feces, urine, twigs, dirt, etc., that were matted into the tangled fur made it impossible to see any anatomy.” Can you imagine how uncomfortable Freight must have been?

It is unknown how long the Collie had been living in the railroad yard. Freight appeared to be around 3 years old.  Once he was given a medicated bath, he was screened for any medical conditions.  His test came back positive for heartworm.

He received his first round of medication and was place for adoption.   A nice couple came offered to foster him while he continued to heal. It was nearly immediate that Freight began to act like a new dog. The once shy, scared pup became playful and happy. And the best news was that his foster parents decided to adopt him.

“By the look of Freight’s adoption photo, he couldn’t be prouder or happier.”

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