Woman Separately Rescue Dog Siblings, But Immediately Realizes That They Need Each Other

Having someone you love by your side makes it easier to go through a tough time. The two rescue dogs, Pasta and Pepsi needed one other for physical warmth and comfort after being abandoned outside in a neighborhood.

The founder of Logan’s Legacy, Suzette Hall said, “The neighbors told me that they would lay on top of each other at night to sleep,”

Hall got a message about the puppies, who were first spotted in the area five days after. Locals said that the canines remained in the same spot the entire time.

“I decided, ‘OK, I’m just gonna go, but there’s no way these dogs are still there,” Hall added. “[But] I pulled up and there they were, waiting.”

As soon as Hall found them, she realized how tense and matted the dogs were. She quickly caught one of the dogs, but it took considerably longer to get the second dog.

“I’ll stay all night if I have to and I’ll remain the entire night if I have to, and I’ll never leave one behind if there are two,” Hall said.

Hall put the first puppy in a box and situated the crate behind the humane trap to lure the second pup. It worked, and two hours after the first puppy was saved, Hall successfully caught the second one.

But as Hall started her car with the two puppies in different kennels, she soon realized the dogs were upset about being apart.

“They were trying to get to each other,” according to Hall. “I could just tell that they needed each other.”

Hall stopped the car, unlocked the crates, and got them into the front seat together. Pasta and Pepsi immediately cuddled up on top of one another after being reunited, precisely as the neighbors had claimed they had done while waiting for their owners on the corner.

“You can’t even imagine the wagging of the tails when I was getting them out. They couldn’t get to each other fast enough,” Hall remarked.

Pasta and Pepsi have remained together throughout the rehabilitation process. When they both have recovered from their diseases, they will both be in foster care. Currently, they are undergoing treatment for their ailments at the veterinarian together.

Following foster care, the two will be adopted together into a single-family where they may continue to cuddle while being showered with the love they deserve.

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