Man Tells His Italian Greyhound A Scary Story – Dog’s Response With A Reaction You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Kids love to hear bedtime stories to help them fall asleep. For millions of children around the world, it’s a nighttime ritual.

Dogs like routine, too, and there are many dog moms and dads who tell their fur kids a bedtime story, too.

One such pooch is Emma the Italian Greyhound.

Source: YouTube

The sweet, adorable doggo loves to cuddle up for storytime with her daddy. Her dad decided to share a scary story with his darling dog daughter on one particular occasion.

When the man starts the story, he already has an ominous voice that is so often associated with spooky tales. He says that Emma is all alone in the woods and there is something lurking.

Source: YouTube

As the story’s tension mounts, Emma lets out her whines and howling sounds and it is completely hysterical. She is either freaked out or wants her dad to hurry up and tell the ending!

Source: YouTube

There are two things that her dad thinks are scary: evil Chihuahuas that steal treats and a guava melon that lives in the forest.

You’ve got to see (and hear) this guy for yourself. Emma, we applaud you for putting up with this and find you oh so adorable!

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