Trapped Dogs in Runaway Kayak Tosses Rope to Swimming Labrador to Pull Them to Land

Dogs are so much smarter than anyone can give them credit for. As dog lovers we know this, but they even surprise us from time to time with their quick thinking and intuition.

What can’t Man’s Best Friend do? Just watch the video below to see their intelligence put to action in a big way once again!

While out by the river, a gust of wind came along and blew the family’s kayak to where it started to head down stream.

And the worst part of it all — two of their dogs were trapped onboard! They barked and barked as they noticed they were floating away from land.

Source: Rumble Viral

But the black Labrador swam out to try and save the day! But he would need a little help. And that’s where the quick thinking of the two dogs would come into play.

They had the heads-up to toss out the rope for the Lab to grab ahold of and pull them to safety. How amazing is this? 🙂

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