Selfless Puppy Helps Weak Calf Who Was Born Out In The Freezing Cold

On Valentine’s Day a calf was born into the world in sub-zero temperatures during a brutal winter storm. And there she sat lifeless and motionless. Thankfully, the family found her when they did and brought her inside where it was warm. And that’s when the puppy took to her and started licking her face!

Source: Rumble Viral

Unprompted, the pup even decided it could help to cuddle up with the calf to bring her body temperature up to normal! The calf, whom they named Valentine, started to feel a little better and let out some moos. And the dog would continue to stay by her side until he saw that she was completely healed. 🙂

Source: Rumble Viral

When Valentine felt good enough to stand on her own, she was taken back outside to be reunited with Mama to see if they’d remember each other. And you have to see the sweet reunion in the video below!

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