Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Make The Perfect Babysitter

What separates the great babysitters from the not-so-good ones? First, let's state the obvious: Babysitters and nannies must love kids.

But there's so much more parents have to consider when deciding which qualifications are most important.

When you're deciding to leave your precious baby/child in the hands of someone else, you'd want to make sure that the babysitter you're hiring for the job is…

…happy, caring, reliable, has good, strong morals, knowledgeable about proper diet and nutrition, and willing to go the extra mile.

But what about your dog? Do you think your pooch qualifies for the job as the perfect babysitter?

Check out this video to see if your four-legged friend qualifies for the job!! …and SHARE to spread a smile! 🙂

Here are the top 10 reasons why dogs make the perfect babysitter:

  1. They lead by example
  2. They believe in a proper diet
  3. They can cheer up anyone
  4. They know when it is bedtime
  5. They are very attentive
  6. They are always around
  7. They make bath-time fun
  8. They love the outdoors
  9. They will always share
  10. They will tuck in everyone

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