Golden Retriever Steal The Show With His Hilarious ‘Obedience’ Performance Fail

Which is more fun? Winning an agility test or full-on romping one’s way through a course complete with treats and toys along the way?

I think this Golden Retriever made the right choice! LOL This golden retriever dog is just so funny!

I bet he was thinking, “You made an entire tunnel of delicious treats for me to eat? Thank you humans! nom nom nom…” LOL

Well, I think this golden retriever is really smart… why not get the free food and toys first rather than get the one little treat after finishing the race?

This actually is a nice allegory for life. Sometimes it's not about finishing first, but enjoying everything along the way.

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93 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Steal The Show With His Hilarious ‘Obedience’ Performance Fail

  1. My sister took her banddog puppy to puppy preschool. Miss Indy was the biggest kid in the class and a few puppies and humans were afraid of her. Miss Indy promptly fell asleep and snored through her first lesson….and a few more after that. Indy did manage to ‘graduate’.

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